Cool Color Splash Style To Celebrate Colorful Summer

Color Splash Style is one of the styles from the Korean Men Style that you can try. Korean clothing that is synonymous with bright colors and soft pastel colors will not only show your cheerful side but are also suitable for those of you who like to hit colors but not too much. Moreover, the color block trend has become popular in recent years.

Well, you can also experiment with color splash style with various colors without fear of colliding with each other and causing a strange impression. You can work around this by choosing bright colors for tops and dark colors for clothes below or vice versa. But for bags and shoes, you can wear white so that the impression is more balanced.

Maybe many of you don’t know or are even unfamiliar with a color splash. We will explain it to you. Color splash itself is a photo style where there are elements of black, white, and other colors that aim to accentuate these colors from the others. What is colored and highlighted can be objects or objects that are used as foreground, and what is made black and white is the background. However, in its development, it can be made back and forth. There are no background or foreground rules that must always be cornered. The point is just a black and white photo with 1 or two colors that look different from the others.

Color splash in the world of photography is also called color pop. This method is one of the coolest ways to make photos that start out just plain to be more interesting. In this effect, your image is black and white, where only certain areas or objects are colored that make objects pop up.

However, color splash style is not only used for photography but is also applied to clothing styles that are widely used by Korean men.


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