Men's Ivy-league Style Haircut

Classic Men’s Ivy-league Style Haircut Ideas

Men’s Ivy-league Style Haircut is one of the classic peat hairs which until now is still loved by men and is popular. Men’s Ivy-league Style Haircut is another style that can be done by men anywhere without complicated instructions or a variety of hair styling products. The Ivy League itself is a cropped haircut, where the hair on the front of the head is left long enough to be styled on the sides, while the crown of the head is cut short.

The history of men’s hair trends first began in 1950. When it appeared a signed model called the Ivy League was becoming a trend. The emergence of this hairstyle trend itself originated from the emergence of the policy of the majority of prestigious Ivy League member universities for students to shave their hair with this model. So from here then came the Ivy League hairstyle or also called the Harvard Clip or Princeton. The Ivy League hairstyle itself looks a little longer than a military-style haircut. The excess hair will usually be styled by parting it to the side.

You can count on this male hairstyle for formal occasions. Because it will give the impression of being neat, dignified but also firm. The ivy league short haircut is also suitable for those of you who are lazy to style your hair with a hairdryer or comb. For different variations, you can mix them with a slick back style

Ivy league at first glance looks like a crew cut. The difference lies in the hairstyle that is quite long on top with a thin section on the side, while shorter on the back. Crew cut itself is a type of haircut in which the hair at the top of the head is cut relatively short. But, Ivy League hairstyle leaves hair on the top of the head, very fitting for you who have a protruding jaw.

Men's Ivy-league Style Haircut
Men’s Ivy-league Style Haircut

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