Lovely Pink Nuance Classic Lolita Look

Classic Lolita Look is the oldest and most ancient of the lolita styles. This style is a mix of Rococo and Victorian styles. Classic Lolita describes the personality of a mature woman and thinks ahead. This type of Lolita looks more mature and elegant and has more normal characteristics than other lolita styles, starting from natural make-up, simpler accessories, to outfits that consist of neutral colors but seem soft and very fitting for spring.

As previously known, Lolita Look or Lolita Style is a term for a fashion style that developed in Japan in the 1990s as street fashion which later became a separate subculture and in the 2000s it attracted public attention outside of Japan and made it popular until this time.

The gothic lolita style itself is inspired by children’s clothing during the Victorian era and French Rococo. It is therefore not surprising that the lolita style makes an adult woman wear clothes that make her look like a child or rather, like a doll.


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The hallmark of the lolita style is the blouse that has lacy and ruffles on the sleeves and neck and the A-line skirt, which usually has a bell-like puffed bottom. In addition, it is equipped with cute accessories such as lace headbands or pink ribbons and cute shoes like Mary Jane or flat shoes.

Classic Lolita Look gives the impression of being inferior, cute, cute but elegant. In addition, another lolita style is the gothic lolita, which is synonymous with dark colors like black or dark blue, which seem to bring the wearer to a dark era in Europe. Or also the punk lolita style which is perfect for those of you who have a tomboyish personality but don’t want to lose your identity as a girl

Well, that’s a little about the Classic Lolita Look. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Charming Women’s Sleeveless Striped Ideas to visit here.

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