Lovely Christmas Tree Braid To Your Beloved Daughter

Christmas Tree Braid can be an inspiration for mothers who are confused about what kind of hairstyle for their beloved daughters at home. The braids that are shaped like this Christmas tree are not only beautiful but also different, of course. And of course, your daughter loves it a lot, moreover, it was made with great love to celebrate the perfect Christmas Eve.

Well, here we provide a tutorial to make a Christmas Tree Braid for your daughter.

First, make sure your hair is shampooed and dry to make it easier. Take a large pinch of the top of your child’s hair and pull it back, then secure it with an elastic. Separate half the hair from the top of the ponytail. Take half the hair from the ponytail and start making the braid, adding hair into the strands on the left only. Add hair for a few stitches (between 4/5 stitches) then stop adding hair, braid a few more stitches and secure it with the elastic.

Repeat this step with the hair on the other side adding the hair on the right side of the braid. Prepare a green ribbon or as desired. Gently pull the top stitch of your braid on each side up so you can slide the ends of the ribbon down. Pull the ribbon so that you have an even amount on each side.

Tie the ribbon through each stitch of the braid, alternating side to side, as if you were tying the shoe. Pull the two separate ends of the braid at the bottom and secure it with an elastic band, then wrap the ends of the ribbon around so they cover the elastic and tie. Finally, embellish the style with the braid kit of your child’s choice.

Easy and difficult isn’t it. But try to be creative so that your child is happy with his new appearance. That’s a little tutorial about the Christmas Tree Braid that you can try for your child.


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