Edgy Burgundy Matte Nail Art With Beads That Can You Make Inspirations

Burgundy Matte Nail Art is one of the most popular nail arts. You can try this one nail art if you are bored with the appearance of shiny or glossy nail polish, now nail art can also use a nail polish that is not shiny or what is called a matte finish.

Matte is often likened to matte in the tech world, which is defined as an object that has a more textured surface and reflects less light. Apart from being more durable, objects that have a matte color have a non-sticky texture. This is of course inversely proportional to glossy, which is said to have a smooth surface and reflects more light which makes it look shiny.

Well, one trend that is no less popular that uses matte colors is nail art. Nail polish design with matte color can still give a luxurious and classy impression. This matte design is suitable for those of you who don’t like nail art that is glittery and complicated to make. But if at any time you want to look fancier, you just need to add an element that gives sparkle. Even a dull black or gray color can be brought to life with a certain accent.

Apart from black or gray, you can also choose a burgundy color that is no less interesting. Even though it doesn’t shine, you can still feel the warm winter sensation by using this matte nail polish that is neutral in color like burgundy. In order not to be too plain, you can give a beaded accent at the base of the nail. Like the Burgundy Matte Nail Art picture below.


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However, you can also try two trends that can be combined at once, namely by giving a matte and glossy finish. The design is simple but very eye-catching. Once you’ve applied a matte color or a burgundy color with a matte look on top, use tape to mark the tips of the nails. Then use a shiny topcoat to differentiate.

That’s a little bit about Burgundy Matte Nail Art. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Perfect Combination Of Gold And Blush Pink Saree to visit here.

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