Get To Know More About Trendy Burgundy Color For Lipstick, Hair, And Fashion

Burgundy Color or also known as red wine is a combination of purple and red. This color will give the impression of grandeur, luxury, expensive, mature, graceful, power, more soothing than bright red.

The name burgundy itself was first used for the color red in 1881. The nuance of Burgundy got its name after the Burgundy wine that is produced and made in the Bourgogne region of France which is known by the same name, namely Burgundy. Currently, Burgundy is one of the most popular colors among women when it comes to lipstick, hair color, even for fashion colors.

Burgundy can be a choice of lipstick colors that are suitable for those of you who have brown skin. This wine color will give off a moody feel, both positively and negatively depending on the final look. You can also mix, coat or ombre burgundy lipstick to suit your style.

This wine color is also widely used for hair coloring. From ombre to bayalage, use this elegant color. You can use this burgundy color trend to inspire you to look more stylish with new hair color. This color will reflect an active, energetic person, and of course, you will be the center of attention at an event you attend.

Burgundy color can give a luxurious look and is suitable when carried in a casual or formal style. This color is the best color to be applied to materials such as leather. You can try fashion with this color, from tops, jackets, dresses, shoes, or other accessories that you can match with basic colors, such as black, white, or gray for a more classy total look.

This color will not only show an elegant impression but also make your aura stronger, of course, it will make you feel more confident.


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Well, that’s a little about the burgundy color that is suitable for lipstick, hair color, and fashion. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Beautiful Mermaid Character Nail Art Ideas to visit here.

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