Look Chic And Elegant In Prom Night With Braid Curly Hair

Braid Curly Hair is one of the hairstyles that you can choose when attending your prom night or school graduation party. Guaranteed, all the views of the men present will immediately focus on you. Hairstyles that combine braided hair with the impression of natural curls you can easily try.

Curly itself is one of the most popular hairstyles and is widely used by men and women today. This hairstyle that combines straight hair with curly or wavy hair will not only make your hair look beautiful but also seem to have an adorable and natural curly impression. Some hair owners usually leave the roots up to half straight, while the middle to bottom hair is wavy and has a spiral accent.

To produce curly hairstyles without heat is usually done with a variety of techniques, and usually depends on the tools you use. Some techniques that you can try yourself at home such as braiding your hair overnight using a piece of cloth. Starting from braiding small hair, plucking hair and tying it, wearing a headband, hair clip, or a piece of cloth.

However, some people also use a straightener or curling iron to produce longer curly hair. They usually do this by pinning their hair with a straight iron or curling iron from the center first, then turning it inward for a wavy effect to create a naturally curly hairstyle. Use a straight iron or curling iron from top to bottom for more fluffed curls. If you want a bigger wave, choose a larger diameter vise.

Currently, there are many variations of curly hairstyles, including natural curly style with straight bangs or curly hair combined with braids or commonly known as Braid Curly Hair.


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