Impressive Bowl Cut For Teenage Boys Inspirations

Bowl Cut is a simple short men’s haircut. Usually, the front hair is cut with a straight fringe and the rest of the hair is left longer, the same length around the hair, or the sides and back are cut to the same length. This haircut, which is also called a mushroom cut, is one type of haircut that is currently popular, especially among teenage boys.

This bowl-like haircut trend has long been popular, especially in several European and Asian countries. It was first popularized in the 1920s but disappeared in the 1940s. But then its popularity returned in the 1990s, before finally fading back in the mid-early 2000s. Only since the end of the 2010s, this haircut has returned to popularity, especially among members of Generation Z or the young millennial generation, and has become a popular choice among the E-Boy Fashion movement.

Bowl Cut is also widely used by K-Pop idols today. Where they usually modify it by letting their hair be longer and the additional bangs that further show the image of a plain man but still cool. This bowl cut or mushroom haircut is also a popular short haircut for an androgynous look.

This haircut is a practical and inexpensive alternative to hairstyles. Especially if you have thick hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you. Well, you can also get this haircut. The trick, you can let your hair become a bit long and then cut it as if it were an upside-down bowl. Don’t forget to style your bangs to make them look neater. To make it more stylish, give the hair texture to make it more volume. But you can also combine it with other haircuts such as undercuts, high fade, or taper fade.


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