Charming Bow Ties For Women Who Like Unique Looks

Bow Ties is a type of tie that is no less loved by both men and women. Bow Ties are currently tied using a regular shoelace knot which is also called a ribbon knot, for this reason, it consists of a fabric ribbon tied symmetrically around the collar of the shirt so that the two opposite ends form a loop. This type of tie is also equipped with a strap to be worn around the neck with velcro or hook on the back. How to use it is also very easy and the length of the strap can be adjusted to the neck circumference to make it feel snugger.

When viewed from history, initially bow ties were widely used from the customs of Croatian traders in the 17th century who often wore scarves to hold their collar in order to keep them high. However, over time the scarf evolved to become as simple as a bow tie. In its home country, this tie is known as the cravat. The bow tie became popular among the bourgeoisie in the 1890s.

Even though in the past, this type of tie was only for people of high social status with certain professions who wore bow ties such as politicians, doctors, professors, teachers, lawyers, and architects. But, over time, this tie is also used by all groups including waiters for party events. In today’s world, this tie is transformed into a fashion accessory that is no less present.

If in the past this tie was only available in black, now it consists of colors that follow the current color trends from bright, calm, to polka-dotted, batik, stripes, and others. The ingredients also vary. Not only silk, polyester, or cotton, but also some knit and mixed fabrics.

This tie can be used for formal or casual events, of course, you will still look elegant. Especially for you women, you can combine this tie with a sleeveless dress and black stockings. As shown below.


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