Blue Neon Flame

Trendy Blue Neon Flame Nail Art Trend Who Will Shine In Darkness

Blue Neon Flame is one of the most popular nail art trends. This nail art that combines coffin nails combined with a beautiful neon blue color will make you look radiant even in the dark.

Neon colors are passionate colors, can add excitement and make you fresher all day long. This color comes with bright colors and has a bright impression which is the hot color for summer colors. Some people find neon colors tacky and come off as overdone. Even though if you are smart in combining it, you will look cool and striking.

Well, here are tips for using items with neon colors.

First, mix it with a basic color like black, white, or gray. This type of color can muffle the aura of striking neon colors and seem neutral when combined. You can also try highlighter colors with bolder shades like brown. Second, using a neon color that is quite striking will create an exaggerated impression. Now, to work around this, you should not use a lot of accessories and choose one that contains neutral colors.

Neon has a very dynamic and rebellious nature. Therefore, you should use neon colors when you hang out, at the beach or when the weather is gloomy, this will make your appearance cheerful, energetic, and shining. Don’t use neon colors at formal events like parties or weddings.

Neon colors are trending to be used as a makeup color for the last few years. But who would have thought, if this color would become a trend for nail polish color choices? Apart from neon colors, bright colors like red and yellow will also be popular. You can use just 1 light color all over the fingers, or a different color on each finger. If you like the vibrant look we can also combine two or more colors on each nail. Like the following Blue Neon Flame nail art trend ideas.

Blue Neon Flame
Blue Neon Flame

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Those are the ideas about Blue Neon Flame nail art trend ideas. Hopefully inspire. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Awesome Army T-Shirt Dress Ideas For Women Who Love a Strong Look to visit here.

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