Fresh Blue Marble Nail Art For Cheerful Summer

Blue Marble Nail Art is one of the nail art trends to choose from to enliven this cheerful and warm summer this year. The fresh blue color combined with the holy white forms an image like marble, making this one design worth trying, especially for those of you who like marble nail art. The marble pattern has taken a hit in recent years for its ability to elevate the look of any object to chic in an instant. The glossy base nail polish with a swirl on it makes it look charming, elegant, and classic.


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Marble Nail Art itself is one of the most popular fashion trends. Marble nail polish is a technique of painting nails that is done by combining 2 or more and forming or drawing beautifully like a marble shape. Usually, the method used is with quartz nail art. Quartz nail art is a nail decoration art that makes it look like marble stone.

This trend is so popular because of its ability to display a chic yet elegant style. However, to make a cute look with marble nail art, you can try it yourself at home, without having to bother and spend a lot of money at a nail art salon. You can try playing with beautiful and colorful colors that you can try yourself, such as this Blue Marble Nail Art.

Besides blue, you can also try other colors like
The dominating white color and the round edge nail shapes will make you look classy, ​​or the fierce look with the tapered nails by combining black with marble hues. If you want to appear extra, add gold foil on the border between the two colors. But if you prefer feminine nail art designs, you can combine pink and lavender on your nails to make them look cute.

Well, that’s the idea of ​​Blue Marble Nail Art for you to try. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles A Look Elegant When Attending Prom Night With Bridal Midi Dress Ideas to visit here.

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