Creative Black And White Snowflake Nail Art Design That Must Try

Black And White Snowflake Nail Art can be an inspiration for your nails to be more beautiful. Nails that are painted black or white and then drawn or given a sticker in the form of a snowflake, which is a symbol of Christmas and winter, will not only make your nails look more attractive, but you can also celebrate and celebrate Christmas in an unusual way.

A snowflake is a single ice crystal or collection of ice crystals that fall from the Earth’s atmosphere. These snowflakes usually come in all sizes and shapes. Snowflakes are white even though they are made of pure ice. This is due to the diffuse reflection of the entire light spectrum in the tiny crystals. Snowflakes are often traditional seasonal imagery or motifs used throughout the Christmas season, particularly in Europe, the United States, and Canada. Snowflakes represent the traditional White Christmas.

Apart from snowflakes, Christmas is also synonymous with red and green. But what happens if you try other anti-mainstream colors like black and white. Well, that’s all you can apply to your nails. In the following, we provide a tutorial for making Black And White Snowflake Nail Art.

First, polish your nails using the colors that you have prepared, namely black and white. Use alternately or alternately. One-color for one nail. Then draw snowflakes or use stickers to make it easier. Make sure to use a snowflake color that is the opposite of your nail polish. Put your nails in cold water so that your nails dry quickly and shiny. Use a top coat, then smear your nails in the salt. And you can see the results, like the Black And White Snowflake Nail Art image below.


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That’s a little bit about Black And White Snowflake Nail Art. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Classic Chignon Bun Hairstyle Ideas For Memorable Christmas Party to visit here.

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