A Cool And Bright Look With Biscay Green A Trend That In Harmony With Winter

Biscay Green is a cooler and more refreshing turquoise green color. This color is one of the dominant colors in summer but unexpectedly suits winter too. Biscay Green is one of the color trends that comes along with 10 other colors such as Flame Scarlet, Saffron, Classic Blue, Sunlight, Chive Green, Orange Peel, Mosaic Blue, Coral Pink, Faded Denim, and Cinnamon Stick.

Color is a certain spectrum contained in perfect light which is an important element of a design or design as well as life. Each color has its group or has its own color division, which is divided into 4 divisions. Namely:

First, primary colors, which are basic colors that are not a mixture of other colors. The colors that are included in the primary colors are Red, Blue, and Yellow. Second, the secondary color, which is the result of a mixture of primary colors with a 1: 1 proportion, such as orange, or people are more familiar with orange, which is the result of a mixture of red and yellow.

Then there is the Tertiary color which is a mixture of one of the primary colors and the secondary colors, for example, the yellowish-orange color is obtained from mixing yellow and orange and the brown color is the result of a mixture of three colors, namely Red, Yellow, and Blue. And lastly is the Neutral color which is the result of a mixture of the three basic colors in the proportion of 1: 1: 1. This color often appears as a counterweight to contrasting colors in nature. Usually, the result of the right mix will go black.

Well, the color of one of the colors that are present is one that is included in the Light Color Category. If you want to try this Biscay green or turquoise green, you can combine it with pink to make your appearance brighter and more attractive. Or also in darker green. Like the picture about the Biscay Green color trend below.


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