Complete Your Stylish Look With Basket Bag Ideas

Basket Bag is one of the classic bag modes made of attractive woven braids and made of various materials ranging from rattan, straw, bamboo, or other natural materials that are transformed into multifunctional tote bags.

Well, here is a little explanation about the materials for the basket bag.

First, rattan is a natural material that is a type of palm with unlimited processing power. Rattan is a material that is popular and is widely processed by craftsmen as household items or other creative industries, such as bags.

Straw is a rice plant that has taken its fruit (grain), namely dried cereal stalks and stalks. Straw is widely used as a handmade creative industry, for example, is a bag. The straw material handbag can be a fashion statement that can be used on various occasions, namely when taking a walk on the beach or for formal occasions such as attending a party or business meeting.

Meanwhile, bamboo itself is a type of grass with cavities and nodes in the stems. Bamboo is widely used to make household utensils, from chopsticks, rice containers to season tools. Bamboo matting can be made as a bamboo hat, bamboo bag.

Both rattan, straw, and bamboo are transformed into various kinds of tools in life such as bags. Especially now that basket bags come in a variety of choices ranging from round, semi-circular, or even transparent bags. It also comes with a variety of motifs ranging from plain motifs or beautiful floral motifs, various color variations and is certainly able to accommodate items without exception such as makeup, wallets, cellphones, to vehicle keys that can be stored safely in a bag with this classic model and vintage feel. . You don’t need to be afraid of looking old-fashioned with this type of bag. Instead, basket bags can make your appearance more stylish and unique.


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