The Perfect Combination Of Basic T-Shirt With Flannel Shirt

Basic T-Shirt With Flannel Shirt seems to be two things that will never be separated. This one combination is one of the best and most popular combinations of all time. Whether it’s men or women, this combination is their mainstay. This is because this style may look simple, but who would have thought that this look makes you stylish and fashionable just like a student.

The Basic T-Shirt itself is an outfit made of fabric that is elastic, lightweight, and inexpensive, and easy to clean, the shape of a T-shirt is like a letter T with a short sleeve design, crosses from shoulder to elbow, and a round neckline, and is not equipped. with a collar or pocket. Clothing which is also known as the Basic Tee or Plain Tee is a type of clothing that covers part of the arms, the entire chest, shoulders, and stomach. The materials most commonly used to make shirts are cotton with stockinette or jersey knit or polyester.

Meanwhile, the Flannel Shirt is a type of shirt made from flannel which generally has a plaid pattern in basic color gradations such as black, red, and dark blue, although some flannel shirts also have plain motifs. The flannel material itself is made from a mixture of wool, silk, and synthetic fiber. Flannel has been around since 1970. Flannel shirts are more often used as outerwear combined with depth, like a plain shirt that contrasts with the color of the flannel shirt. Like the picture about the Basic T-Shirt With Flannel Shirt below.


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You can try this look that combines a Basic T-Shirt with a Flannel Shirt to display a smart-casual style to a formal style. Don’t hesitate to give it a try. Who knows that you will also make this look a mainstay of your everyday style.

That’s a little about the combination of Basic T-Shirt with Flannel Shirt for you to try. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Pretty Combinations Of 3 Fall Colours In Nails to visit here.

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