Amazing Barbie Makeup Look Ideas That Can You Try

Barbie Makeup Look is a makeup that is currently popular and has a lot of interest. How not, this makeup is not only different but will also make your face as beautiful as a Barbie doll. This make-up will accentuate your beautiful eyes. The key to this makeup is to explore the eyes so they can look bigger.

Barbie is a doll produced by the American company, Mattel, and introduced in March 1959. The maker of this doll is Ruth Handler who took inspiration from a doll from Germany named Bild Lilli. Barbie does not only focus on producing dolls and accessories but has produced books, clothes, cosmetics, and even video games

Barbie can be said to be a figure that is almost perfect, therefore it is not surprising that many women want to have a face and body like a barbie, so they take a shortcut by doing plastic surgery. But nowadays, along with the development of increasingly diverse makeup trends, we can make our faces as beautiful as barbies. Without plastic surgery, we can be as beautiful as barbie by applying Barbie look make up.

This barbie look makeup focuses more on the eye area, where almost all eye types are suitable to be applied to the barbie look, there are no restrictions but for the small type, it is more profitable because this barbie look makes up can make the eyes look bigger. Rounded eye makeup with a curved look is one of the most prominent things to look like Barbie.

So, therefore, in order to form the eyes to make them look bigger and rounder, you can use the eye sewing technique, namely by attaching false lashes to the skin layer so that the eyes become more open. In addition, you can also use black or light-colored contact lenses, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lashes, and eyeshadow. Like barbie makeup look below.


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That’s a little bit about the barbie makeup look. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Magnificent Rose Wedding Invitations Inspirations to visit here.

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