Fancy Cherry Cola Balayage Hairstyles That You Can Try

Balayage Hairstyles are a technique used to paint or dye hair without the aid of foil or paper to create a blend of two or more colors. The color results obtained from the Balayage Hairstyles technique look more like firm color lines, but seem natural and look like natural-looking color graduation. The method used is by folding the hair with the bright highlights into it.

Balayage Hairstyles
Balayage Hairstyles

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This coloring technique is classified as low maintenance because the appearance of the color will not be disturbed by the hair growth process that occurs. In addition, the bayalage has a smoother line finish and is easier to maintain over a longer period of time than traditional highlights.

Balayage Hairstyles technique is certainly different from the Ombre and Highlight hair coloring technique.

If Balayage is only applied with a few braids and brushed vertically. The transitions are softer and have a more natural result. Ombre is applied to the hair as a gradient, where the top is darker than the bottom and is usually brushed horizontally. The highlight itself is only brushed on the hair as close as possible to the roots before covering it with aluminum foil. This technique is also called traditional highlighting.

The traditional Highlight hair dye itself is a way in which the hair is divided into sections and woven and then lightened or painted using the foiling technique, by folding the hair into foil using a lightener/bleach. The foiling is used to separate the lightened hair process from the rest.

Well, one of the techniques you can choose from is Cherry Cola. Where the hair is dyed with a dark cherry color brown or cola brown with a reddish red tint of cherry red or red. This color will create a funky style that’s cool.

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