Amazing Aladdin Theme Cakes For Your Luxury Wedding Inspiration

Aladdin Theme Cakes can be one of the inspirations for your wedding cake. Especially if you are currently planning a wedding with a luxurious theme, the Aladdin theme cakes can be an option. Like a fairy tale, the Aladdin theme is here to enliven your wedding to become more classy.

Aladdin himself is one of the fictional characters and protagonists of Disney’s 1992 animated film called Aladdin. He is described as a smart young man, brave and not panda lying. However, he likes to steal, although never with malicious intent, he steals to survive. In the film, he is depicted as falling in love with Princess Jasmine from the first sight.

In the film, Aladdin is told to find a magic lamp in which a genie lives and can grant whatever request the lamp owner wants, by rubbing your hand towards the magic lamp. The magic lamp is also one of the icons and characteristics of the popular Aladdin film, besides the magic carpet that Aladdin rides on.

Since the film Aladdin was released and became popular, the theme of Aladdin is widely used in almost all elements of life. Starting from the theme for decoration, the many fashions that appear like clothes and accessories used by the characters in the film to the themes used for your wedding cake.

You can also try the cake design by stacking luxurious pillows with beautiful soft pastel colors combined with gold to add a luxurious impression. And don’t forget to add the magic lamp that Aladdin always carries with him wherever he goes. Like the wedding cake with the Aladdin theme cakes below.


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Well, that’s one of the inspirations for wedding cake designs for you. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Attractive Women’s Leopard Print Jumpsuit Ideas to visit here.

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