Beautiful Flower Acrylic Nails Art You Can Try For Stunning Look In Summer

Acrylic Nails or also called nails extension are fake nails that are placed on top of the original nails as nail extensions. One of these nail art innovations has been very well known in the beauty industry and is widely used by socialites for years. But who would have thought this nail art became so popular and much in demand by women today.

Acrylic nails themselves have a slightly different installation process. Artificial nails made of acrylic will be placed on top of your nails by taking the form in accordance with the shape of your knuckles. The shape, size, and neatness are arranged according to your needs and according to your wishes.

Next to the initial coat is usually also added color nail polish and ends with a nail coating or clear nail polish to make it more shiny and durable. The use of acrylics nail also makes it possible to add other accessories such as gemstones and other supporting accessories.

One of the accessories or forms of acrylic nails that are currently popular in the form of flowers or using media flowers either original flowers or just imitation. You can try this one theme for your Acrylic nails art to get an amazing look especially flowers in accordance with the summer theme.


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Acrylic nails are different from gel nails. Acrylic consists of liquid monomers and polymers which are the basic ingredients of a powder that functions to coat and protect your natural colored nails so they become hard and durable. Because it is liquid Acrylic certainly can harden because of the air.

While gel nails can harden if exposed to sunlight. Gel nails can also be a reinforcement of acrylic nails. Gel nails are very similar to nail polish, for example just like a base coat, nail polish colors, and topcoat. And all that can dry if dried in the sun for two to five minutes.

The advantage of acrylic nails is that it is easier to fix when damaged compared to gel nails, but gel nails do not damage the nails when they are released. Acrylic nails are also thicker, stronger, and more durable than gel nails, but have a disadvantage in the type of color that is less flexible.

Well, that’s a little explanation about Acrylic Nail Art. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Chic French Braid Bun Tutorial To Sweeten Your Look visit here.

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